A poster design for International Champions Cup match between Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich.
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Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

The famous French football club Paris Saint-Germain commissioned us to create and design a poster for their exhibition match versus german giant Bayern Munich as part of the International Champions Cup. The biggest challenge behind this project was to visualize the true face of football without showing its usual elements such as players in action, a ball or a field. With this concept we tried to focus on promoting sport values – friendship & unity. The illustration of hands holding flags and both teams’ players’ feet standing together sharply in line growing against each other as positive and negative forms are building an optical illusion that is visually shaping the story together with the unique hand-lettered version of the Bebas typeface.

Brand Touchpoints
Poster Design

We chose Studio Q Brand Lab because of the design quality of their posters for European films.

Maxime Agostini

Deputy Brand Director, Paris Saint-Germain

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An artwork detail of a poster deisgn for International Champions Cup.

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