Familoop, logotype design.
Familoop, an advertising poster design.
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Familoop branding

We’ve all been there - as soon as you buy your children’s equipment, they’ve outgrown it and it needs to be replaced. This costs time, money and is bad for the environment. Start-up Familoop has created the perfect circular solution for stressed parents and the stressed environment: the only e-commerce platform where you can not only conveniently buy baby and children’s products online, but also return them for a fixed cashback when you no longer need them. We developed the brand for this timely circular economy business, from tagline to design, and created all communications, from website to advertising.

The branding process, that turned Familyhotels into Familux Resorts, has raised our family-run hotel group to a whole new level – thanks to the people behind Studio Q Brand Lab, who put their hearts and souls into this project.

Florian Mayer

Managing Partner Familux Resorts

Motiva Quotation Mark

An adverditising print cards for Familoop.
Familoop branded sticker for strollers.

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