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Familux Resorts Rebranding

The challenge

Tasked with a full rebranding of the Austrian-German Family Hotels Group, known for their exceptiona childcare and wellness amenities, we faced a distinct challenge: their market communication was not reflecting their excellence. The objective was to strategically reposition and distinguish them in the competitive market.

Brand strategy

Our strategy involved creating a distinct subcategory within the family hotel category— premium family hotels. The aim was to not only dominate this niche but to also become synonymous with it.

Naming and tagline

Embracing this bold strategy as the first and sole premium resort group exclusively dedicated to families with children, we introduced the name Familux Resorts. The brand’s promise to parents — a sanctuary where they can unwind, confident their children are receiving unparalleled care — is encapsulated in our tagline, “Bring your kids, find yourself.”

Visual identity

The design process yielded a flexible logo with the initials F and R in hand-drawn lines, adaptable across various applications to signify different areas within the resorts or reflect to seasonal themes. This dynamic, fluid design element is echoed throughout the illustrations, becoming a hallmark of the brand’s visual identity.

Comprehensive implementation

Our involvement covered the entire spectrum of brand touchpoints and a full-scale brand rollout, from developing the brand book and enhancing guest experiences through wayfinding systems, bespoke operating supplies, and a range of wines, to the creation of digital platforms, marketing materials and impactful advertising campaigns. Our efforts extended to bolstering employer branding. As Familux Resorts’ steadfast partner, we remain committed to guiding the brand's ongoing evolution.

Measurable results

Systematic surveys among guests and employees underscore Familux Resorts' brand strength, evidenced by stellar ratings. The brand's distinct profile and unique market positioning are now widely recognized. Our targeted, meticulously crafted, and performance-optimized advertising campaigns have effectively communicated the brand's core message, significantly enhancing conversion rates and reducing booking costs, thereby highlighting the tangible benefits of strategic branding.

The branding process, that turned Familyhotels into Familux Resorts, has raised our family-run hotel group to a whole new level – thanks to the people behind Studio Q Brand Lab, who put their hearts and souls into this project.

Florian Mayer

Managing partner at Familux Resorts

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