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From boutique hotels to grand resorts, our philosophy centers on a branding approach that encompasses every facet of hospitality, spanning from services to aesthetics. We combine strategy and creativity to craft captivating experiences that resonate with your guests.

Create a hotel brand loved by guests and staff alike.

Caught in the crossfire of powerful OTAs, shortfall in workforce, rising costs and increased competition, today's hospitality businesses face numerous challenges. Developing an alluring hotel brand effectively addresses many of these issues.

Measurable results
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Command higher room rates by enriching the guest experience and elevating prestige.

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Minimize costs per-booking through focused and streamlined marketing efforts.

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Achieve independence from OTAs – increase direct bookings by tailoring distribution channels to better connect with your target audience.

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Attract and retain talented staff who share your values and vision.

How we create a charismatic hotel brand

More than a logo and interior design, a strong hotel brand seamlessly integrates all aspects of hotel operations to create exceptional guest experiences. Beginning with a distinct positioning, it is built upon a unique concept and a compelling brand story. These foundational steps influence the services and amenities provided, shape the hotel's appearance, its advertising strategies, and guides the way staff interact with guests.


Drawing from our research and insights, we are crafting a thorough roadmap to build and grow your brand.

We harness the power of words and images to elevate your brand with a captivating linguistic and visual identity.

We craft immersive, multi-sensory brand experiences that engage your audience throughout the entire customer journey.

With a flawless implementation and a carefully planned launch we maximize the impact of your brand.

The Guesthouse Vienna's guest magazine, a close-up of an inside page with fine print and cutout logotype.

The Guesthouse Vienna

Award-winning hotel amenities and website for the design hotel The Guesthouse Vienna.

The branding process, that turned Familyhotels into Familux Resorts, has raised our family-run hotel group to a whole new level – thanks to the people behind Studio Q Brand Lab, who put their hearts and souls into this project.

florian mayer

Managing partner at Familux Resorts

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We were very impressed with the agency’s expertise in the strategy phase, such as the depth of the target group analysis. The cooperation with the entire team was great during the implementation. The result is very beautiful and the feedback from our guests is excellent.

Anton Greiderer

General Manager at Hotel Kaiserhof Vienna

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It’s simply fun to collaborate with Michael Svec and his team. When it comes to realising our visions, they are competent and precise and pay attention to every detail.

Doris Kurtz

Co-Owner of Hotel Das Tigra

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