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A branding process that guarantees results

By applying a systematic and tested process that incorporates insights from behavioral economics, we guarantee results that work. We utilize trusted tools, such as structured workshops, to aid decision-making, complemented by market testing and research methods to ensure effective outcomes. Leveraging years of expertise, we efficiently chart the most promising path to your objectives, saving both time and resources.

the motiva branding process

Our initial goal is to identify the ideal positioning for your brand. To achieve this, we begin with a thorough market analysis, such as relevant trends, your brand’s competitors and the target audiences. We then delve into understanding your audience's core motivations by employing the Motiva Brand Perimeter Model – our unique method, specifically designed to craft strategies that deeply resonate with the emotional needs of your audience.

Brand strategy - Motiva graphic
Planning & Research
Gathering Information (Offerings, heritage)
Research (Market, competitors, target audience, trends)
Analysis & Strategy
Analysis & motive mapping
Brand positioning
Brand architecture
Brand identity
Action plan

Harnessing the power of narrative, we create a compelling name and tagline that encapsulates your brand's essence and vividly conveys its story. Following this, we elevate the brand above the competition, crafting a distinctive look and feel that resonates deeply with its target audience.

Brand development - Motiva graphic
Verbal identity
Brand name
Brand language
Brand story
Visual identity
Color scheme
Brand motif & imagery

Through multisensory branding, we leverage the full spectrum of senses to forge a deep, intuitive bond with the target audience. We ensure immersive brand experiences throughout the entire customer journey and establish a consistent appearance across all communication channels. From captivating display ads and an immersive website to the brand’s physical environments, we create touchpoints that leave a lasting impression.

Brand touchpoints - Motiva graphic
Multisensory branding
Auditory branding
Olfactory branding
Tactile branding
Motion design
Photography & video direction
Touchpoint development
Online (Website design, social media)
Advertising (online, print, out-of-home)
Space branding (Interior design creative direction, wayfinding system)
Marketing & print collateral
Branded operating supplies
Brochures & magazines
Employee attire
Merchandising material

We align your team with the brand so it is lived from the inside-out and ensure a seamless implementation. The launch is carefully staged for an impactful debut of your brand. We then continue to guide its evolution, focusing on strategies that drive revenue and enhance value.

Brand rollout - Motiva graphic
Brand guidelines
Brand asset repository
Staff trainings
Production management
Brand deployment
Launch, upkeep & growth
Brand launch initiatives
Ongoing support & brand communcation
Brand guardianship

Familux Resorts Rebranding

Rebranding the world’s first premium hotel group catering exclusively to families with children, encompassing brand strategy, a new, visual identity and all touchpoints – with measurable success.

The branding process, that turned Familyhotels into Familux Resorts, has raised our family-run hotel group to a whole new level – thanks to the people behind Studio Q Brand Lab, who put their hearts and souls into this project.

florian mayer

Managing partner at Familux Resorts

Motiva Quotation Mark

We were very impressed with the agency’s expertise in the strategy phase, such as the depth of the target group analysis. The cooperation with the entire team was great during the implementation. The result is very beautiful and the feedback from our guests is excellent.

Anton Greiderer

General Manager at Hotel Kaiserhof Vienna

Motiva Quotation Mark

It’s simply fun to collaborate with Michael Svec and his team. When it comes to realising our visions, they are competent and precise and pay attention to every detail.

Doris Kurtz

Co-Owner of Hotel Das Tigra

Motiva Quotation Mark

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