Studio Q Brand Lab has evolved and now goes by Motiva!

Rest assured, you've arrived at the correct destination – your trusted team of branding specialists remains unchanged, independent and not acquired by any of the world’s major marketing conglomerates.

As we unveil our new brand identity, we embark on a fresh path forward guided by a clear vision: to continue creating strong, culturally enriching brands - and empowering them to navigate change with confidence and forge lasting connections with their audiences.

This self-rebranding journey has allowed us to apply our proven methodologies and creative strategies to our most familiar and yet most challenging client—ourselves.

Why we underwent a rebrand

To underscore what makes us unique and sharpen our positioning and focus specifically on hospitality and upmarket brands.

To reflect our firm’s growth and better showcase our strategic services and their transformative effect on our clients.

To highlight our specific approach based on behavioral economics, diving deep into your target audience’s core motives.

Motiva brand design

We believe that effective branding requires both a forward-looking vision and a deep appreciation of one's origins. This philosophy shaped our design ethos: Motiva’s visual identity, characterized by its assertive typography, pays homage to the 1970s' era of dazzling designs and the dynamic vigor of the avant-garde. This period was notably influential for our most seasoned team member, Prof. Rakic, who was at the forefront of design innovation during that time. It's a legacy and spirit to which we remain profoundly connected.

Gaining experience through the era of dazzling designs.
Studio Q debuts as a Vienna-based branding agency.
Rebranded as Motiva, we get to the heart of what motivates people.
As Motiva, we are committed to developing brands that not only endure over time but also establish industry benchmarks and propel innovation.

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